Frank Kunert's work:

A multi-storied apartment building with gray-beige stucco: the epitome of lower middle-class tristesse. A throw rug and a doormat hang over the balustrade of a balcony. Another has a single flower box, a third, a deck chair. A familiar sight at first glance. After a second or third take, however, it becomes perfectly clear that something is amiss. The balcony doors lead nowhere, and the balconies themselves are not accessible.

View in the studio

In "Apartment with balcony," there is no architectural scandal attempting to be uncovered by photographer Frank Kunert. The photograph stems from a series of works entitled "Photographs of Small Worlds," which ingeniously, slyly and subtly play with our sense of perception, as well as with our expectations -- taking both ad absurdum.

The project "Small Worlds" is far from being mere photographic satire. Instead, Kunert has spent weeks, sometimes even months, working with deco boards, plasticine and paint, in order to model his thoughts in 3D. With an exceptional eye for detail, he has constructed faultless models, and created scenes that look just like the real thing. Kunert never flicks on his studio lights and reaches for his large-format camera until he feels that his models have reached a state of perfection -- until they have become little worlds of their own.

Inside the studio

And, it is true, these intricate models could very well stand on their own. But by taking photographs of them, the complexity of these elaborately staged worlds (as well as the intended visual illusion they create) is made manifest. For Kunert, photo montage and computer animation do not come into question. He has no interest in getting fast results, or of achieving a perfect high-gloss surface. In his mind, it is not only perfectly acceptable that viewers of his large prints can detect that these are pictures taken of models; they should actually be aware of this fact. The "analogue look" of his photographs is intentional -- Kunert's answer to digitalization is creating images of the tangible.

Frank at work

Frank Kunert's "Small Worlds" are, in their symbiosis of idea, image and caption, just as multi-dimensional as excellently-crafted written narratives. On the surface, these photographs confront us with all of the hollow words, catchphrases and banalities we encounter in our daily lives. The stereotypical and senseless aspects of human communication cannot be unveiled more convincingly than in their literal conversion into a visual medium. Kunert deliberately oscillates between humor, wit, scurrility and the grotesque. If, indeed, "Life goes on," then, there is no question about it, it is only with the continued delivery of one's daily paper and mail. The tombstone will, of course, need a mailbox and a doorbell, and Mr. Kunert has naturally taken both into account.

On a deeper level, these "Small Worlds" are linked by a reoccurring motif: our deep human desire for security and our fear of loss, as well as our anxiety regarding the transitory nature of life. It is no accident that, despite all of the foliage depicted, there is not a single photograph in this collection that evokes a feeling of summer. In addition, Kunert does not portray secluded suburbia as a neat row of townhouses with carports, but rather as buildings that stem from the early post-war period. Melancholy and dejection pervade these images. "Near the autobahn" illustrates how justified we are in fearing the loss of our sense of safety on an individual level. Here, the freeway literally runs through a residential neighborhood, depriving its inhabitants of any possibility of finding a calm, solitary and safe place to retreat to. The same applies to the photograph entitled "Sunny side": no matter how hard the tenants of this apartment scrub and sweep, or decorate the balcony with potted plants, the plants will shrivel, and there will be no getting away from the traffic.

Another view in the studio

With his "Small Worlds," Frank Kunert confronts a further menacing loss that our experience-driven "fun society" will undoubtedly encounter in the near future: the loss of imaginativeness and invention in the face of entertainment overload, which has already turned small-town, country-style inns and locales into event gastronomies, and made so-called "adventure pool complexes" out of quaint public indoor swimming pools. The fact that Kunert feels neither affected nor threatened by this loss himself can be gleaned from each and every one of his photographs, as well as the very apparent inexhaustibility of his ideas. Just how much work, time and effort has been put into spinning his visual tales, with seeming ease, becomes readily apparent in the sample models that the artist puts on display when he exhibits his photography, even if the viewers only ever get to see pieces of them.

Model for the Salvation motif

Kunert's art has often been rightfully compared to the poems of Robert Gernhardt. Kunert's "Small Worlds" are equally funny, whimsical, grotesque, and pensive musings, and they are also provocative and critical. It is left up to the viewers to decide if they find the works morbid, or simply funny; if they want to truly see the deeper level of what the stories are telling them, and if they might even dare to elaborate on them.

(This text appears by the kind courtesy of Dr. Christine Donat.)

About Frank Kunert:

The real FrankFrank Kunert was born in Frankfurt in 1963. After graduating from high school, he became a photographers’ apprentice (from 1984 – 1987).

Thereafter, he worked for various photo studios. He went freelance in 1992, and it was then that he began to find the topics that interested him the most. In recent years, Kunert has mainly focused on creating and taking pictures of his "Small Worlds".


A selection of his published works:

"Spiegel special", "Journal Frankfurt", "Frankfurt geht aus!", "Allegra", "Men's Health", "PHOTO TECHNIK INTERNATIONAL", "PHOTOGRAPHIE", "chrismon", calendars for Kunstverlag Weingarten and HEYE Verlag, postcards for Edition Inkognito, photo books "Topsy-Turvy World", "Wunderland" and "Lifestyle" (Hatje Cantz Verlag), "PHOTONEWS", "smith JOURNAL", "DER STANDARD", "TGV magazine".

A selection of solo exhibitions:

2019 Festival du Regard, Cergy-Pontoise (France)
2019 Staedtische Galerie Iserlohn
2019 Sommerpalais Greiz
2019 Dreieich-Museum
2018 ROSEGALLERY, Santa Monica (USA)
2018 Burg zu Hagen im Bremischen
2018 Literaturmuseum Romantikerhaus, Jena
2018 GALERIE Z, Stuttgart
2018 Museum at Schloss Neuenbürg
2017 Museum Boppard
2016 Landesmuseum, Koblenz
2016 Haus der Fotografie - Dr. Robert-Gerlich-Museum, Burghausen
2015 Kunstverein Rüsselsheim / Stadt- und Industriemuseum, Rüsselsheim
2015 FREELENS Galerie, Hamburg
2015 La Chambre, Strasbourg (France)
2015 art + form, Dresden
2014 Dreieich-Museum
2013 Museum im Schloss Bad Pyrmont
2012 Wandelhalle, Bad Wildungen
2012 Museum Villa Grün, Dillenburg
2010 Leehyun Seoul Gallery, South Korea
2010 Kunstverein Tauberbischofsheim
2010 Galerie im Turm (Energieversorgung Offenbach AG); with Clemens Bechmann
2010 Galerie Hana, Königstein
2010 Stadtmuseum Münster
2009 Museum Haus Löwenberg, Gengenbach (with Quint Buchholz)
2009 Studio Gertrud Schamschula, Frankfurt (with Gertrud Schamschula)
2009 Projektraum EI, Aschaffenburg
2008 Galerie Camera Obscura, Dortmund
2008 Artbox Frankfurt, Galerie der Editionen
2008 Kunstverein Siegen
2007 Galerie Schloßplatz 9, Frankfurt am Main
2007 Galerie Norbert Nieser, Stuttgart
2007 FINEARTS.CON.TRA. City Gallery, Berlin
2007 art + form, Dresden
2007 Historisches Rathaus Hochstadt, Maintal
2006 Kunst & Museum Hollfeld
2006 KunstGenuss, Hamburg
2005 KPMG, Frankfurt am Main
2005 Galerie Q, Leipzig
2005 Little Red Riding Hood Store, Berlin
2004 Galerie am Dom, Wetzlar
2004 Hessisches Puppenmuseum, Hanau
2003 Galerie der Heussenstamm-Stiftung, Frankfurt am Main
2003 Pasinger Fabrik - Center for Culture, Munich
2003 Showroom Gunnar Hansen, Oberursel
2002 Kunstansichten, Mato-Fabrik, Offenbach am Main
2002 Galerie Arts & More, Neu-Isenburg
2000 Marcolini-Palais, Dresden-Friedrichstadt municipal clinic
1997 Holzhausenschlösschen, Frankfurt am Main


A selection of exhibitions where Kunert’s work has appeared:

2019 Stadtgalerie Kiel
2019 Ludwig Galerie, Saarlouis
2019 Kallmann-Museum, Ismaning
2017 GRIMMWELT Kassel
2017 Altes Rathaus, Goettingen
2017 17. Deutscher Karikaturenpreis, Schloss Agathenburg
2017 "Winners & Nominees of the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017", Museum of Cultural History, Osnabrueck
2017 "Cupboard Love", Gewerbemuseum, Winterthur
2016 Stadtmuseum Muenster
2016 Literaturmuseum Romantikerhaus, Jena
2016 17. Deutscher Karikaturenpreis, Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen
2016 17. Deutscher Karikaturenpreis, Galerie Komische Meister, Dresden
2015 Wilhelm Busch - Deutsches Museum für Karikatur & Zeichenkunst, Hannover
2015 Kunsthalle, Marburg
2013 Künstlerhaus Metternich, Koblenz
2012 Musée des Beaux-Arts Eugène Leroy, Tourcoing (France)
2011 Open Studios, Krefeld (as a guest artist at Atelier Feuerfest)
2011 Museum of Arts and Design, New York
2011 KUNST & KULINARIA, Aachen
2011 Galerie Schloßplatz 9, Frankfurt am Main
2011 Galerie Handwerk, Koblenz
2011 "Kunst am Pompejanum", Aschaffenburger Kulturtage
2011 "Abgefahren", Galerie im Alten Rathaus, Aalen
2009 Frankfurt Book Fair
2009 Kunsttage Dreieich
2009 2009 KreisMuseum Zons
2009 11. Laupheimer Fototage
2008 Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie
2007 Millard Sheets Center for the Arts at Fairplex, Pomona (USA)
2007 Frankfurt Book Fair
2007 Artists Association of Frankfurt
2006 Tendence Lifestyle, Internationale Frankfurter Messe
2006 Cologne Fine Art, Köln, Artbox Frankfurt, Galerie der Editionen
2006 Artbox Frankfurt, Galerie der Editionen
2006 Ambiente Internationale Frankfurter Messe, Frankfurt
2006 "3rd Biennial Dimensional Salon", Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, New York
2005 art fair, Köln, Artbox Frankfurt, Galerie der Editionen
2005 KUNSTKÖLN, Artbox Frankfurt, Galerie der Editionen
2004 Kunst & Museum Hollfeld, International Fine Art Exhibition in Hollfeld
2004 Galerie f 5,6 of photography, Munich
2004 Artbox Frankfurt, Galerie der Editionen
2004 "2nd Biennial Dimensional Salon" Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, New York
2003/2004 Licher Photo Prize 2003, touring exhibition through Hesse
2003 Art Forum Säulenhalle, Groß-Umstadt
2002 Art Forum Löwenhof, Frankfurt am Main
1998 und 2000 3-Dimensional Illustrators Awards Show, Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, New York
1998 Berliner Karikaturensommer, exhibition held at the television tower
1997 3-Dimensional Illustrators Awards Show Art Directors Club, New York
1994 photokina, Cologne


2018/19 The Silver German Photo Book Award for "Lifestyle"
2018 Silver in the category "Book / Fine Art" at the Tokyo International Foto Awards for "Lifestyle"
2018 Bronze in the category "Portfolio" at the Tokyo International Foto Awards
2018 2nd Prize in the category "Book / Fine Art" at the IPA International Photography Awards for "Lifestyle"
2017 Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Finalist
2016 Deutscher Karikaturenpreis, Shortlist
2013 The Bronze Gregor International Calendar Award for “Topsy-Turvy World 2014”
2012 The Bronze Gregor International Calendar Award for "Topsy-Turvy World 2013"
2011 The Silver Gregor International Calendar Award for "Topsy-Turvy World 2012"
2010 2nd place at the EVO Art Competition
2009 The Silver German Photo Book Award for "Topsy-Turvy World"
2006 Silver medal at the 3rd Biennial Dimensional Salon, New York
2004 Kunst & Museum Hollfeld Sponsorship Aware
2000/1998/1997 Bronze Award at the 3-Dimensional Illustrators Awards Show, New York
1998 2nd place at the Audience Award of the "Berliner Karikaturensommer"
1994 Bronze medal, Kodak Panther Work Book
1987 Apprenticeship Certification Exam in Photography, 2nd National Winner


Frank Kunert im Studio



Frank Kunert is featured on Deutsche Welle's Euromaxx-Show: "Frankfurt Artist Frank Kunert and his Miniature World".